PINless Calling

Use your cellphone to make long-distance  and international  calls  

International calling made simple

  • Industry-low calling rates

  • Call from almost any device

  • Fast-dialing features


Here's how it works

Follow the steps below to place a long-distance call:

  1. Dial the access number

  2. Wait for the message "Welcome to Apela Dialing service."

  3. Enter the country code + the phone number, then hit the pound (#) key.

NOTE: In order to use this service, your phone number must be verified. This service will not work if you have your cell phone number appear as private. 

Direct Dial - get rid of the Access number and keep the same low rates

Set up Direct Dial and you'll never have to enter an access number or PIN again.

Direct Dial Features

  1. Ultrafast speeds
    Dialing international numbers is up to 60% faster.*

  2. Unique U.S local phone numbers
    Save them in your phone & call international numbers like you're making a local call

  3. For use on all phones
    New or old, mobile or landline, Direct Dial will work on any phone. No app required. 

NOTE: Direct Dial is a feature available to all Apela customers. Speeds are calculate using test sample calls: traditional international calling method versus Direct Dial dialing method. 

International calling made simple

  • No additional fees

  • Call abroad, directly from your phone book

  • Save time by calling directly

Easy to Set Up

Get your Numbers

Call Customer Service and set up your Direct Dial numbers

Save the Numbers

Store your Direct Dial numbers into your phone-book

Use your Numbers

Simply select the Direct Dial contact from your phone book and enjoy faster connection speeds