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Our Background

We are a company of technologists, telecom network specialists, business analysers and helpful customer service people. We are also a company of immigrants; our founders were all immigrants and the majority of our employees are as well. We have merged all of our specialties and cultural roots to produce an experience tailored to your needs and concerns.

Best Call Quality

Apela is committed to getting the best quality for an affordable price, especially when it comes to your communications needs.
You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient, and make sure you're getting the quality you deserve. 

Multilingual Customer Service

Since its founding, Apela has put a special emphasis on understanding customer needs. That's why we are available Monday to Friday from 9AM to 10PM EST, and also during weekends from 10AM to 4PM EST, and we are fluent in multiple languages including Serbian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Albanian and many more.

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